Cody Chat wep Tasarım

cody chat cody chat is a type of chat that has existed for years and is updated once or twice a year and does not compromise on quality. We have compiled and collected such a nice product for you, added content and made it the most pleasant. The first company that comes to mind when talking about chat is helpercoder. We adapt the responsive design according to all devices and adjust the most pleasant appearances, more than 1 color selections to everyone's liking, we offer the possibility of having more than one feature active and most of them being able to control the site owners themselves without the need for panelists. In this case, the site owners can take every precaution themselves they can do it from their computer or mobile devices at any time, in this case, they can offer their own actions to the people on their site. They can upload and delete 45 animations on 7 of the 8 animation menus, and record live to parts such as the approval system or chat-specific wall shares. They can capture and send or share their video. They can record private and generally sound recordings for 180 seconds, that is, 3 minutes. They can watch games or live TV from within the site. As mobilceo, we have offered you many opportunities as the first sales dealer in Turkey of the codychat chat platform preference, we can make the most of our opportunities. We evaluate and present to you